Growing emerging leaders who serve the common good

Launch a fellowship

Lead a CityGate Fellowship

  • For a partner - access to a proven process and formative resources; connection with peer city directors
  • For their city - a growing network of Christians who know and server their organizations and their city
  • For their fellows - a formative community experience that integrates spiritual formation, professional development, and civic engagement

CityGate Fellowships

What is a CityGate Fellowship Partner?

Fellowship Partners are the organizations - churches, nonprofits, civic groups - that host a Fellowship experience. Partner organizations offer the administrative, financial, and communications support around a Fellowship.

Who is a City Director?

The City Director leads the Fellowship in their city, either managing or filling the recruiting, teaching, and administrative functions of a Fellowship. Download the Ideal City Director PDF Here


“It has been very sobering to think about every aspect of my life as being unto Christ. We are constantly talking about how excited God can be about our work and how God wants to be in our work, and that’s pervasive.That idea forces me not to compartmentalize my life. I now understand that my personal formation, professional development and understanding of God work together.”

— Kelly, 5280 Fellowship, Class of 2018

“The fellowship program has been a transformative experience for me. From personal spiritual growth to professional development to a new understanding of God’s work in Indianapolis, this program has ignited a new passion to use my skills and abilities to impact others.”

— Justin, Circle City Fellows, Class of 2020

“The Fellowship helped me break down the ‘compartmentalization’ between faith and work and helped me see ways that they actually go hand-in-hand. It made me see and feel a new heart for place, for city, and for people.”

- Adrienne, 5280 Fellowship, Class of 2018

“I really enjoyed the readings and the weekly cohort discussions. The readings pushed me to really see my work through a faith lens and it was awesome to have a group of peers that were doing the same readings and contemplating the same things.”

– Tiera, Circle City Fellows, Class of 2020
4 Steps

How to Launch a Fellowship

1. Interest

Learn about CityGate Fellowships through our monthly webinars and connect with CityGate staff.

2. Affiliation

Complete a 10-month training program with peers and receive access to all Fellowship materials and coaching.

3. Partnership

Recruit fellows, connect with partner organizations, and launch a CityGate Fellowship specific to your community.


Collaborate with other CityGate directors to enhance resources and help establish alumni experiences.