CityGate Curated Communities

  • From fragmentation to connection
  • From competition to collaboration
  • From separateness to communion 
    From injustice to shalom
To see the whole of life as important to God, to us and to the world—the deepest and truest meaning of vocation—is to understand that our longing for coherence is born of our truest humanity, a calling into the reality that being human and  being holy are one and the same life."

Steve Garber, A Seamless Life

We Need Each Other


We need  a more robust discipleship that serves all of life. Spreading out in all our cities and communities


Monthly Learning Labs with curated content and useful tools for working this out in your daily environment.


City Gate is a curated community of workers, leaders,  thinkers and makers committed to personal formation and cultural renewal in their cities and who care about:

- A holistic gospel approach to life, work and faith 
- The needs and brokenness of their cities
- Learning from one another as leaders and disciples at the CityGate
Deeper dives: workshops, intensives, individual and group coaching and consulting for those ready to invest into their own development and the development of their organizations.

A curated content management system
where members of the community can share tools, resources and case studies of their work and learn from others.

Preparatory workshops
specific to launching a Fellowship- both theological foundations and practical planning

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