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When we launched CityGate 2 years ago, we set forth four convictions that guide our work and relationships:
- To Set A Big Table
- To Form People Holistically
- To Cultivate Trusted Partnerships
- To Do Justice Wisely

When you meet someone whose convictions and work deeply align it just makes sense to partner and learn from them.

CityGate is pleased to share this 2-part webinar series, details below, being offered by our founding organization, Denver Institute for Faith and Work, in partnership with 11 Ten Leadership

Learning Experiences

Stay tuned for new opportunities and details coming soon.

The 4 Big Ideas of Just Leadership

March 29, 2023
1 p.m. MT
You want to be a just leader, but where do you begin? This webinar looks at God’s heart for justice and examines four qualities that lay a strong foundation for just leadership. The Just Leadership Lab, a collaborative project between 11 Ten Leadership and Denver Institute for Faith & Work, offers a way forward for business, community, and faith leaders who know they need to wade into these messy waters but do not know how - to pursue a pathway to become just leaders so that everyone wins.

Developing a Vision for Just Leadership

April 12, 2023
1 p.m. MT
How can you expand your understanding of just leadership and directly impact those around you? Participants will examine their own spheres of influence and identify ways they can take action to develop more just companies and communities. CityGate is pleased to share these two webinars offered by our founding organization, Denver Institute for Faith and Work, in partnership with 11 Ten Leadership.

Transformation and Healing: From Pandemic to Renewal

May 18, 2023
4:00-5:00 pm ET
The pandemic changed the world on a global scale. But award-winning author Chris Rice sees the challenges of our day as a historic opportunity for renewal and fresh growth. As he examines eight interrelated crises exposed by the pandemic era, he provides pathways for followers of Christ to bring transformation and healing to their lives and communities.