CityGate Events

Monthly Learning Labs

This fall, CityGate will offer our growing community practical and helpful tools for your everyday work. These vocational discipleship tools are intended for us and can be used by us to serve our constituents.Workplaces have changed in a myriad of ways over the past several years - from justice and equity to relationships and collaboration. We need new tools and practices to help us navigate these constant changes without losing our minds and hearts in the process.

We are so delighted to to start off the fall season off with our friends and partners from the Global Faith and Work Initiative, a ministry of Redeemer City To City.

Learning Experiences

Spring 2022 will offer a deeper dive learning experience for Citygate partners. We will announce the details and times in early February. These experiences will be designed for smaller groups of 6-8people and will meet over a discreet period of time-30 days or so. Stay tuned for details coming soon.
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